My name is Thom Simpson, and Iā€™m an illustrator from the South-West of England.

I take inspiration from all elements of nature, and can often be found adventuring in woodland areas, wandering by the ocean, or trekking up mountains. My work is predominantly black and white, drawn with fine-nibbed pens over an initial pencil sketch. It conveys the subtleties and details of the natural world, using intricate line work, flowing shapes and patient cross hatching techniques.

I hold a deep appreciation for traditional drawing and crafting processes and, where possible, try to make everything with a physical, hands-on approach. I work with an attitude that form and function should be intimately linked, so you can guarantee everything I create has been designed and produced in a thoughtful and considered manner. My creativity stems from the natural world, and I wish to do as much as possible within my ability to channel that creativity in a positive and meaningful direction- for example, I currently use as little plastic as possible when packaging orders, with the hope that one day I can cut plastics out from my process completely. 

My dream is to build what was once a hobby into a small, sustainable, home-grown business, with the opportunity to create and collaborate on beautiful, hand-crafted products that do no harm to the earth.

For all commissions, enquiries and any other questions, please contact;

Thank you for your support.